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"No other publication offers such a comprehensive list of industry contacts." Ben Warren, The Actors Guild

"Having a good quality, up to date headshot is crucial for every performer so you need to choose your photographer carefully. Bear in mind that when it comes to your photoshoot, casting directors, agents and production companies will want to see the real you. Keeping your appearance as neutral as possible is essential so that they can imagine you in all sorts of roles, rather than type-casting yourself from the outset and limiting your opportunities". Extract from 'Contacts' information and advice.

I have a good deal of experience in supplying headshots for actors, musicians and people in the corporate world. I can also offer discounts to students in training or those seeking work in the entertainment industry. Give me a call on 07768 818378 or use the 'Contact Me' form if you need further information. Select from the menu items on the left of the page.