I have been advertising my 'Old Photo Restoration Service' at recent print fairs and shows. I have had enquiries about what it is, and what is possible. So, to answer most of your questions I have finally got around to this blog post.

First what is possible

• Remove cracks and creases
• Repair torn corners
• Improve contrast
• Reconstruct missing parts of a photo
• Piece together photos that have been torn into separate parts
• Crop and resize photos
• Repair sun damage
• Repair water damage
• Remove someone from a photo
• Combine images
• Repair faded photos even if it is not evenly faded all over

How much does it cost?

As every restoration is unique it is not possible to have a price list for such work. The charges are based on how much time each restoration project takes. It could be an hour or two or even a day or two. I will need to see your original photograph in order to give you a no obligation quote.

Some before and after examples

And an enlargement of part of the photo above requested by my client