About me

I was born in Manchester, England, but my home is Essex where I have lived for many years.

I have been taking photographs on and off for over thirty years. At the beginning I took photographs purely as references for paintings or for use in graphic design projects when I couldn't find what I wanted anywhere else. Over time photography became my passion and later, my job. Even though I was a moderately successful painter with my work finding it's way to clients around the world I gave up painting some years ago. I could never seem to find the time to do both as well as I wanted. In those years, I also dabbled with music and played guitar in an extremely average 'covers band' called 'Flashback'.

I came to realise that I could be just as creative with a camera, painting with light on film, or since the advent of digital photography, painting with pixels, as I could with paint on a brush. I began to show my work in exhibitions, galleries, print fairs, restaurants, cafés and anywhere that would have me! Now, years later, my work is pretty much worldwide either in photo libraries, in print or as artworks on the walls of my clients..

Today, I cover many facets of photography, in fact I'll tackle almost anything - I love the challenge that photography offers. Getting the image right is important to me so I tend to have a plan worked out before a shoot, but as with most things in life, things don't always go to plan and being prepared to adapt to changing conditions is a necessary prerequisite for a photographer as I have discovered many times during my career.

My books are available through my publisher 'Blurb' or from Amazon.com as hardback Collectors Edition 'coffee table' books, and as eBooks for iPad and other tablet devices.

'Meetings With Strangers' - Street photography.
'Beach Hut Life' - Documentary photography.
'Bangkok Street Views - Another Side of the City' - Documentary photography.
'Portfolio 1 - Estuary Moods'
'Portfolio 2 - The Re-enactors'

Thank you for taking a look at my work. I hope you enjoy some of what you see.

Peter Bolton LRPS

My Clients include:

Southend Borough Council • Bewonder Marketing Agency • UK Lift & Haul • Interstate Hotels • Carousel Logistics • Beyond 2030 • SWNS (news network) • Ashton Surgical and Opthalmic • Essex Property Centre • Tollhurst Fisher LLP • Abbey Healthcare Group • SEPT (NHS Trust) • Judge & Howard PR Consultancy • Yale University Press • Outlook Care • Pro Football Boot Ltd • Donna Louise Design • Atlantic Publishing • Red Agency for McDonalds plc • Oracle Publications • GuisaPet • E-mit

Peter is a contributor of images to the following international photo libraries
Getty Images • iStockphoto • Alamy • FotoLibra

Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society
Member and occasional contributor EPUK (Editorial Photographers UK)
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