I offer password secure portfolios to my clients if requested. This means that only you, or someone you give the password to, can see your images. This is very useful if you have to select from a large number of images before a final edit. When you have made your final selection, you may choose to have prints, a photo book, or have the pictures burned to CD, or possibly some other option. The choice is yours! I will send you the password by email, at the same time notifying you that your pictures have been uploaded to the website and are ready to view.

After completion of the commission I may ask you for permission to use two or three of the final images on the open area of my website so that visitors can see examples of my work. Visitors to my website will not be able to buy any of your images without your express permission.

Client confidentiality and security is something I take very seriously. Please get in touch using the 'Comment' box below if you have any questions.